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MBR Medical Beauty Research®

Skin care on the border of medicine. MBR Medical Beauty Research®starts where normal skin care ends. High-end care for every skin type.


MBR care lines


The most popular MBR® products

muse BEAUTY Pflege Männer
MBR® The Cream Men: For the high demands of men's skin
muse BEAUTY Online Shop Pflege für Haare
Beautiful Hair Days: MBR® Hair & Scalp Shampoo and Conditioner
muse BEAUTY Online Shop: MBR Pflege für den Körper
Skin tightening and lifting effect with MBR® THE BEST Neck & Bust
muse BEAUTY Online Shop: Intensive Pflege für das Gesicht
The secret superstar: MBR® Enzyme Cleansing Powder

Special Editions & Luxury Sets

muse BEAUTY Online Shop: MBR® Set Pflegesets
Anti-Aging-Care: MBR® THE BEST Collection Variation I
Revitalisation: MBR® THE BEST Concentrate Cure

Anti-Aging with MBR®

MBR care – this is highly effectiveskin care on the border of medicine. These exclusive care products start where normal skin care ends. The goal: to achieve and maintain evenly smooth skin, well-groomed contours, a youthful appearance. For this reason, the high-end skin care line MBR® offers anti-aging products with the highest possible concentrations of active ingredients combined with optimal skin compatibility.
And is probably the most effective formula to revitalize your skin. MBR® Cosmetics is your “Skincare Switzerland”.

Do you know the MBR care principle?

This highly effective care principle provides a unique revitalization of your skin. It is the key to a sustainably improved and rejuvenated skin appearance. The mechanisms of action of these care products are based on a simple and effective principle: open, care, close. With this care principle, you can relax and dive into a new dimension of anti-aging care. Detailed information about the MBR care principle can be found here in the muse BEAUTY blog.